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IT & Web Development

Abilities include installation, configuration, integration, and upkeep of server network infrastructure such as NAS, RAID, Routers, Modems, Power Supplies, Hard Drives, Cabling, etc. with remote management of server operating systems for the administration and required software maintenance of Windows or Linux-based environments. Capable of Mac OS client terminal assistance and multiple forms of Open-Source programs/applications from mobile devices to laptops or desktop computers. Specializing in IT protection procedures and Cyber Security research, troubleshooting, monitoring, instruction, and threat deterrence/infection removal.

Focus on Internet privacy and user/provider policy with experience in multiple areas of Web Space evaluation and the creation of tailored approaches to improve market exposure of domains and improve efficiency guidelines for hosting access. Implementation of site metrics for performance data accumulation. Social media mentorship for the cautious and business-oriented deployment of such platforms. Proficient in HTML5, XHTML, Dynamic HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, Python, Flash, Content Managers, etc. Professional Email client solutions for rollout and account navigation. Up-to-date on Industry Trends, opportunities and much more...

Provided Provisions

You will receive courteous and dedicated technologist interaction to help meet your current goals and/or explore realistic approaches to visualize and create concept themes. Notifications on changes or fixes to utilized software and applications will be forwarded when such information is accessible. The fundamental need for constant communication is expected and will be given. All tasks will be approached with a security and practicality-centric mindset. Not all trends are in the best interest of the customer; this will be made aware of promptly and tactfully.

Featured online-based services include but are not limited to: Digital Presence Oversight, Web Marketing, Software Tool Access, etc. with onsite presence demonstration for the navigation of electronic device usability and precautions to take via IT Protection knowledge offerings. Many more aspects to be discussed during consultation process.

The Availability to Work

The establishment of global connections through global travels has allowed personal human networking to benefit not only personal perspective, but also open up more options for team building with clients. We accomplish more together than we do on our own; that's why the more exposure one has to current and upcoming technologies, the more at ease they are with getting actual results. With the rapid influx of non-Western technologists trying to "communicate" (as they replace Western IT workers) with frustrated English-speaking customers, repeat troubleshooting is required.

Consumers and businesses MUST recognize and capitalize on IRREPLACEABLE English-speaking Western providers with years of experience, training, innovation, and market exposure. Your interest in viewing this literature shows that you are seeking someone to help with your project(s) who has handled medical data, financial data, legal data, social data, with an understanding of how to use such data responsibly and efficiently. Don't take risks with the means to connect with the very people that you depend on to conduct commerce. Be guided through technological changes.

Get in Touch

Send a message outlining what you wish to accomplish so a dialogue can be established. Not all opportunities are the same. Let's create more together than we would on our own.

Note: Abusive, suspicious, annoying or solicitor emails will be ignored.

What to Do

Make the time to convey your current and future needs in a way that you understand. Then follow through on opening up a dialogue to be assisted in conveying your needs (and then wants) to others. There are no synonyms for the terminology of technology. This is an absolute.

Never proceed to sign-up for any online services that you are not familiar with, i.e. their business model, privacy policy, associations, etc. The Internet and IT hardware are obviously vulnerable to tampering and Cyber Crime. Send out a message to request that a investigation be performed of the systems and services that you are using at the moment (or want to use) before proceeding.

Compare in overview layouts and strategies which gain interest from not only your primary market, but demographics which are ignored by competitors. There are many Open Source approaches which can save revenue from being wasted on unsafe and unreliable portals/applications, but they must be vetted before proceeding. The same goes for propriatery resources.

The Proper Way

Before we can start putting into place materials and content, all loaded software needs to be evaluated for correct configuration. If your system is slow or prone to crash errors, this detriment will have to be remedied.

You will become immersed in a wide range of consumer and enterprise concepts; instructed on what programs to load on your system that will increases computing speed, help with anti-virus defense, function within the privacy mindset, and gain increased output from your participation with a dedicated technologist. Also, you will learn how to operate software and hardware resources which reduce uncertainty with limited Computer Technology knowledge. Frequent discussions on what to watch out for when navigating the Internet will occur when needed. Growth in personal and business financial gain are a result of being presented with knowledge and using that knowledge correctly. Make sure it happens the proper way the first time.